Hard Facts

You to succeed in retail, we have built the essential tool for you.

On this page you can learn how our platform is built and why it is so powerful.

Model accuracy


Data updates every week


Ways to categorize


Number of survey responses (yearly / Country)


+90% Model Accuracy

Have you ever questioned the results from a consumers survey? We all have. It doesn't make consumer data useless. To make most of it, the data needs to be accurate and follow real phenomena.

We have developed a way to collect consumer panel data so that it follows realized Point-of-Sales data as accurately as possible.

To validate the statement we offer you a survey based market size estimate (in euros). We promise it will be at least 90% accurate compared to realized Point-of-Sales figure.

Money Back Guarantee:

If our model fails, and the error is bigger than 10%, you get your money back.

+100 Ways to Categorize

Ravogen opens a new way to dig into euro-based data.

Typically, FMCG brands have built analytics on Point-of-Sales data. No problem, it is really important part in decision making (and by the way, we have also built a POS solution that can be implemented right away, read more).

The problem with POS-data lies in how it is categorized. You have to follow the way retailers have made their categorization.

Or have you seen POS-data showing how big is the market for Wellness drinks among under 35-year-old females who care about global warming?

That's why we built Ravogen.

Contact us and let's dig deep into categories you are interested.