Linking brand to future cash flows

How valuable are your brands and why? What is your differentiation worth? Our software gives you the insights you need to answer these questions and take control of your brands' financial value.


About Us

Our software enables B2C leaders to assess, track, and grow their brands’ monetary value.

B2C companies own huge intangible assets – brands – that are an important part of their overall company value. But they lack reliable monetary metrics that connect brands to business decision-making. This can lead to frustrated leaders, as CMOs have challenges in representing the value they create, and CFOs can analyze brand assets only with metrics loosely coupled to the financial side of things.

We at Ravogen have spent years developing brand asset valuation and created metrics and analytics that help leaders build and protect their biggest asset. Using our software leaders can assess and track brand's monetary value, focus resources and set clear, monetary goals for brand development. All this is done through methods compatible with international brand valuation and evaluation (ISO 10668, ISO 20671), as well as accounting (IFRS) standards.

With our software, you will have an easier time justifying important investments and strategic decisions, and you can respond faster to market changes. Nothing like this has been on the market before.


Our Team

Miisa Taskinen

Ravogen's CEO and an expert in brand-driven strategy and management, Miisa has experience consulting numerous international clients. At Ravogen, Miisa is determined to help our clients get their management to the next level by implementing the latest brand-driven practices.

Jari Taipale

Jari brings to the table decades of experience with working on and consulting brands, and also founding and managing his own businesses. The original mastermind behind Ravogen's concept, Jari has recognized the need for a comprehensive, brand-driven management software a long time ago.

Jaakko Tähkä

With a business consulting background and a Master's in psychology, Jaakko will guide you in brand-driven thinking. Jaakko's mission at Ravogen is to combine leaders and data in a way that both helps business leaders and challenges them to think in new, opportunity-creating ways.

Erkki Pekkarinen

Erkki is an experienced investor and the chairman of Ravogen's board. His experience with multiple companies helps us make sound business and financial decision.

Antti Rahtu

As a technology, machine learning and modelling specialist with a Ph.D., and an experienced CTO, Antti helps us navigate the future of advanced analytics.

Jukka Ruponen

Working as a technology guru at IBM (officially a business analytics architect), Jukka advices us in all things technical.

Tommi Huuska

Tommi has prior experience with launching a fast growing startup and has spearheaded our office neighbor WheelQ to the list of top 100 fastest growing software startups in the EMEA region.

Roope Jääskeläinen

Roope is our economics, finance, and brand valuation advisor. When not with us, he works as a senior consultant specializing in combining brands and M&A.


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