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Lead your Brand's Monetary Impact on your Business

Groundbreaking strategic brand management SaaS
for accessing your full business potential

  • Know your brand’s unused business potential and how much monetary potential you are losing every day.


  • Unlock your brand's sales potential and sell more. Learn concrete actions to achieve this and improve profit.


  • Turn marketing expenses into an investment to develop your brand's monetary value and redeem the brand's monetary potential in the market


  • Learn a new data-driven way to develop the monetary value of your brand which also helps you develop company equity and shareholder value


  • Brand and strategy management expertise as a SaaS service that integrates seamlessly into daily work and supports decision-making and identifying the right measures.

What You Get

We Provide

• Unique brand analytics that combine consumer and finance data is ready-to-use for immediate, impressive and market-winning business decisions 

• Comprehensive platform with every essential insight for developing your business, with continuous tracking of your entire market and your performance in it


• Unified view on your brand's status with combined data sources  e.g. point of sales, SOME

• Hands-on deployment, workshops and brand consultation for fast and effective business implementation in your use cases and continued success

Informative Interview

You know your business.
We have intelligence and comprehensive consumer data turned into money. 

Let's bring these together for a winning recipe!

Brand Intelligence Platform

Lead Your Brand's Monetary Impact on Your Business

Ravogen’s Brand Intelligence Platform is a groundbreaking strategic brand management SaaS which reveals your unused business potential and gives you tools to access it through more effective leadership of your brand's monetary impact on your business. The solution offers comprehensive, continuous monitoring of your entire market and your company’s performance. It provides CEOs, CMOs, Sales Directors and Data Analytics Leads with advanced yet easy-to-use, scalable analytics, insights and measures for taking better control of your brand in both strategic decision-making and operative management, to leverage your full business potential.

20+ years of Experience in Brand and Strategy Management

Accompanied by seasoned management consultation and continuous support for implementation and use, our team will ensure that you have all the necessary means to steer your business into sustainable long-term success. Backed by 20+ years of strategic brand management consulting for top executives of several international businesses, we are committed to helping you thrive.

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Developing the Monetary Value of Your Brand Develops Your Business


How much business are you losing every day because you don’t take full advantage of your intangible assets? With Ravogen, you can gain market share and generate more revenue by leveraging the full potential of your most valuable intangible asset – your brand. Our innovative software solution is based on ISO 10668 and ISO 20671 standards for Brand Valuation and Brand Evaluation.

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"Must be included in the management team as an agenda item. An important tool for our sites, not just for the management but also for our staff."

– CEO 

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Working With Clients and Partners

Many brands already use our Brand Intelligence Platform.


Welcome to create your own success story with us!


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Let's find the winning recipe for your brand sales on Brand Intelligence Platform

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