We harness the power of consumer data to unveil invaluable insights into what people want to buy from shops. By analyzing purchasing trends, preferences, and behaviors, our software empowers businesses to make informed decisions, ensuring that your product development aligns seamlessly with market demands. Stay ahead of the curve, innovate with confidence, and bring products to market that captivate your audience—all with the help of our intuitive and data-driven solution.

Model accuracy


Data updates every week


Ways to categorize


Number of survey responses (yearly / Country)


No POS-data utilized in your organization?

We’ve got you covered. We can guide you from the very beginning of the journey by helping you to get the needed data from your customers. And even you wouldn’t have any dedicated resources to build fancy analytics of the data

Concrete way to measure the product potential

  • Adapt your products based on real-time data from consumers
  • Target the right products
  • Increase your products potential faster

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