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Casual Business Meeting

For Stronger Brand Intelligence & Brand Management

Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

Analytics Workshop

Findings and insight on brand potential & risk – turning brand KPI data into valuable information for decision makers.

As an outcome of the workshop you get decision propols and a proposal for an action plan on how to achieve brand potential and what measures are necessary to reduce the risk of losing existing business and customer base.

Growth Workshop

This workshop targes to seek growth in the most lucrative segments and target groups.

You will learn more insights about these consumers and what their attitude is towards your brand.

An action plan to improve the share of committed consumers and attract indifferent consumers outlines your growth plan.

Marketing Workshop

Differentiate from the mass or forget the whole thing, is a prerequisite for the success of a vibrant brand.

Marketing Workshop helps you stand out in your growth segment and design compelling marketing communications, pricing, delivery and meaningful consumer touchpoints.

As marketing budgets are always limited, the workshop helps to identify the activities by which the optimal result targeting the brand's potential can be achieved.

Portfolio Workshop

In the porfolio workshop we dive into the world of categories and what is the optimal brand portfolio in these categories.

Regular portfolio reviews are hijgly important and trends change and new ones apprear requiring refreshment and repositioning.

As a result of the workshop, the portfolio has become brighter and the understanding has become clearer, what kind of portfolio optimizes the business potential and minimizes the risk of loss.

Want to learn more about Brand Intelligence Workshops? Get in touch today and see what we can offer you.

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