Introducing the first in the world:
Ravogen Revenue

Ravogen is excited to publicly launch the first solution in the world for brand owners through which the financial impact of the brand (or brands) to business can be accurately measured, and future performance forecasted.

Should you invest in brand or operational efficiency? Could you raise prices? Do you have price and volume premium? Are you losing or gaining market share in the future? Which factors makes your or your competitors’ brands strong?

With Ravogen Revenue you can answer to these questions and many more. It combines Ravogen’s own consumer data to the companies’ financial data in the SaaS platform with an insights console to our customers.

From this data, you get to understand the financial implications of your and your competitor’s brands, and how much your brand is generating demand and thus, revenue.

Our models are based on topline, company’s revenue, but don’t worry, there’s insights for profitability as well.

No IT integrations needed: easy & rapid deployment!

The solution is offered as an ongoing service to our customers, complemented with additional advisory services as the need may be.

Powered by the latest technology from IBM Cognos Analytics.

Want to know what is the connection between your brand, market share and revenue?

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