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Unlocking the Sales Potential of the Brand in B-to-C Business

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

The roles of sales and marketing are traditionally divided in different industries so that in B2B organizations are sales-driven, while B2C organizations rely on marketing. Marketing attracts consumers and makes them love your brand and product, aiming for consumer loyalty and attachment. The sales tools available to sales managers are often limited to pricing, negotiations, making things easier for customers to buy, and keeping the relationship between companies at a good level for ongoing business. These two departments supposedly play for the same goal, but their different perspectives make them interlink infrequently. Simply put, marketing focuses on consumers while sales focuses on customers. The other talks about consumer experience and brand’s social media image while the other pushes hard to reach the sales quota and target margins. Due to different perspectives and the fact that both sides measure themselves on completely different criteria, the full sales potential of a brand remains uncovered.

“Aligning Sales & Marketing to brand potential helps teams to speak the same brand language and better prepare to achieve the brand’s revenue goals.”

To overcome this dilemma, we at Ravogen help businesses to unlock the sales potential by intelligently bringing teams together for more meaningful interaction and connected activities. In our solution, sales and marketing are on the same page of the brand goals, i.e., the brand's potential to win more markets, attract more consumers and generate more cash flow – all expressed in monetary terms. Our goal is to improve the results of these teams without them having to give up anything or put in any extra effort. We have wanted to make things simple and easy. Hence, our Brand Intelligence Platform collects consumer data and converts the results into achievable monetary revenue and indicates the revenue at risk of being lost if no mitigation actions are taken.

Brand's Revenue Potential Is the License to Grow

When the sales potential is expressed in monetary terms and its achievement is supported by actionable insights that connect the entire brand value creation chain, a brand-driven growth target becomes a highly effective incentive for teams to work towards the shared goal – making brands generate better business. Consumers, without a doubt, drive the market share in branded business where targeting to brand potential is everyone's benefit and a prerequisite for success.

Contact our sales to learn more how Brand Intelligence Platform unlocks your sales potential.

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