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Ravogen Value Add: Making Intangible Tangible

As brand as a term is on one hand very widely used, but on the other, almost everybody has their own (different) understanding of what brand consists of and what it means, I thought it would be useful to clarify how we at Ravogen approach brand by describing what is the actual value add we can provide through our SaaS solution. The picture below summarises the host of benefits we can generate to our customers.

1) New view on profitability and revenue: acid testing your traditional budgeting approach.

On top of your traditional bottom up budgeting, forecast your future revenues and profitability through our analytics, based on your current market position & indications on the direction of your brand in the future.

2) Brand benchmarking against relevant competition.

Get better understanding of your overall market position as benchmarked against the relevant competition. Which factors affect the most your own or competitors:

- Preference

- Willingness to pay premium

- Perceived price

- Perceived quality

- Suitability to consumers.

3) Portfolio analysis: which brands maximise profitability.

In case you have a brand portfolio, which brands bring the best return on investment. Combine consumers’ brand image with your financial data and forecast future development – link the brand to future cash flows.

4) Common language across organisational boundaries.

By transforming the brand impact to your business in numbers & competitor benchmarks, you will have a toolset with which you can discuss (and debate) your current & future strategies across your leadership team (and Board).

5) Calculated Market Value vs Real Market Value: measure & monitor implications to operations if CMV bigger or smaller than RMV. Focus on things that matter.

One of the deliverables in our solution is to calculate your Real Market Value and compare that to the Calculated Market Value. If there is a discrepancy, it has implications to your potential future market position. Plan & execute actions to protect or to maximise your market share(s).

6) Impact assessment of the brand on demand and market position.

Understand your market position through your brand, how it is driving your demand. And where the potential bottlenecks are: should you invest in brand or in operational efficiency? Are you losing or gaining market share in the future?

7) Financial analysis on whether your brand support or limit your business.

Through the Ravogen SaaS solution, you will get a totally new perspective on what is your brand’s (or brands’) financial impact to your revenues, and bottom line. It will enhance your budgeting process and financial forecasting.

8) Scenario planning: impact of changes in brand status to company’s financial success.

Create “what if?” scenarios by altering different future market scenarios and see what would be the impact to your company’s financial performance.

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