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Optimize Marketing Budget to Reach the Brand Potential

Updated: Jan 26

Marketing is often challenged with questions such as how much marketing expenditure is needed to maximize financial return and deliver value to the bottom line, which is inherently difficult to quantify. Traditional brand metrics, such as brand awareness, consumer loyalty or excellent customer experience, say very little to the finance department, and because marketing cannot demonstrate business value, they lack the credibility to drive business growth.

Showing actual figures is important, and thus many rely on the marketing campaigns. Some may still argue that the impact of the campaign wears off quickly and no real long-term impact is achieved. We offer a different solution for measuring marketing success: through a positive change in brand's strength and monetary value. In addition, we can learn the impact of the campaign on the brand image, or whether the campaign helped to attract loosely attached consumers from competitor brands, but in the bigger picture, we are curious about the change in reaching the brand's monetary potential and the success of actions to reduce the risk of losing current customers.

“The brand growth journey helps to find the best opportunities for your brand’s growth, and its implementation engages everyone in the organization.”

The Brand Intelligence Platform makes marketing's life much easier by providing a starting point for marketing strategy and budgeting based on the brand's monetary metrics. To work on brand potential, you can connect the current state of a brand into growth targets and determine where the opportunities to succeed can be found.

Brand Intelligence Platform offers a brand growth journey, which is a set of tools and insights that facilitate the development of the optimal brand portfolio for the segments that maximize growth and strengthen the brand even more. Brand Intelligence Platform helps to capitalize the new consumer needs and emerging trends. While monitoring the competitors you can identify the differentiation factors that keep your brand fresh and growing.

“Brand Intelligence Platform is a tech-forward solution that helps you focus on brand success where the business potential is greatest.”

Brand growth journey is a co-creative activity that engages everyone in the organization. Whether it’s about advertising, new product innovation, smooth distribution or superior customer service, everyone needs to align to the same brand growth targets and pursue the same opportunities. To make this happen, marketing has a key role in developing a positive brand culture and aligning teams to understand their part in the brand growth journey. To realize growth, you need to closely monitor your customer/consumer journey and insights to spot experiences that strengthen or undermine your brand opportunities. Brand Intelligence Platform connects these two journeys, making it straightforward to identify new opportunities to surprise consumers, fulfil unrecognized needs and maximize brand success where the potential is the greatest.

We help marketing to develop more precise ground for driving the brand growth with marketing budget that leaves no questions for the CFO and CEO to understand how marketing investment drives profitable business for the brand.

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