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Brand Intelligence Drives the Development of the Company's Value

Updated: Jan 26

The way companies take care of their brand and develop it systematically conveys confidence and competitiveness. It is a clear indication of systematic work towards company value development and sustainable business. No wonder people want to be associated with strong brands, whether they are employees, consumers, customers or business partners. The ultimate success of your business comes from the competences you attract, employ and engage.

We can easily see that brands are a highly important asset for a company. Every business leader should reframe their leadership system to drive the monetary value development of this asset and align their organization accordingly.

Our Brand Intelligence Platform has been designed for brand intensive companies that want to turn their business ambitions into reality and increase equity value – faster, with solid actions and good confidence.

Valuating Your Brand and Brand Portfolio

Brand value is the monetary worth of your brand if you were to sell it. The brand's share of the company's total assets accounts for approximately 40 to 60%, depending on the company and industry. The share is quite significant, and thus the development of brand equity should be the central goal of every leader and manager. Understanding the value of your brand portfolio will help you develop your portfolio in the right direction, whether it is increasing or decreasing, and make the needed investments or attract investors to keep/develop value up.

If you want to know more about brand valuation and what your brand is currently worth, Ravogen is the team for the job. Our team has had a key role in developing the ISO standards of Brand Valuation and Evaluation (ISO 10668, ISO 20671). This is why brand’s monetary value and business potential are the heart of Brand Intelligence Platform.

No More Doubt about Which Half of the Budget is Wasted

Understanding how much revenue a brand brings in and what is a brand’s the risk of losing existing business – and how much and why – are paramount information for any business that strives for growth and better business. Brand Intelligence Platform is an online solution that converts market and consumer information into business potential of your brand and provides insight into where the potential comes from. The platform offers well-structured business analytics that you can use directly in your growth planning.

Brand Intelligence Platform is transformative solution for business leaders to build common goal against different priorities and optimize their budgets with best business return and deploy the assets and resource according to the brand’s monetary potential at reach. No more endless disputes of budget allocation and investment targets when everybody works for the common measurement of brand potential and its execution.

Growth actions supported by the platform solidifies the teams even more and standardizes the redemption of your brand promise. Brand Intelligence Platform reframes your business management and value creation – measurably.

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