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An increase in your brand equity is an increase in your company value

Brands live in consumers' minds, representing consumers' interpretations, associations and experiences of the brand. Meanwhile, investors and company valuators are interested in the financial value of brand equity. Brand is an intrinsic part of the product that drives sales but also attracts investors and business partners to collaborate. Strong brands also tend to pull in the best talents, which means your brand can work as great source for competences you need.

In short, brands have a diverse and significant effect on the company's performance, making them a huge intangible asset that impacts the way companies can manage their business and thrive in the long term in the constantly changing business environment.

We are often asked how valuable brand really are, and how is it measured. Earlier, there has been a lack of reliable monetary measures for valuating such an intangible asset, on which CFOs and Marketing leaders would agree. CEOs and C-suite decision-makers have struggled to understand which traditionally held metrics, marketing-preferred NPS or the finance-oriented ROI, generates more revenue and forms the basis for decision-making for the best business return.


Get Your Brand Valuated

During our 20+ years in management consulting, we have been developing brand asset valuation and creating metrics and analytics to help leaders build and protect their biggest asset. Our active contribution to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has resulted into two standards for systematic brand valuation and evaluation.

The ISO 10668:2010 standard “Brand Valuation—Requirements for Monetary Brand Valuation” (available at outlines accounting-based methods for valuation the brand in financial terms.

The ISO 20671-1:2021 standard “Brand Evaluation—Principles and Fundamentals” (available at, provides an integrated framework for brand evaluation containing brand input elements, output dimensions and sample indicators.


A brand is an asset whose value can be increased,
unlike the fair value of other company assets that decrease over time

Ravogen Brand Intelligence Platform provides an understanding and updating view into your brand's monetary value in the market and how attractive the brand equity is from investors’ perspective. Above all, we help minimize your burden to prepare budgets that clearly correspond to your brand's potential and further strengthen your brand's value.

With the Brand Intelligence Platform, leaders can assess and track their brand's monetary value, focus resources and set clear, monetary goals for brand development. The entire analytics are executed in accordance with international brand valuation and evaluation standards (ISO 10668, ISO 20671), as well as accounting (IFRS) standards.

To get your brand valuated, don't hesitate to book a free meeting with our senior consultant.

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