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Growth and actions based on the Brand Intelligence Platform are intelligently designed to save you time and focus on having maximum impact on your business.

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The Brand Monetary Potential module exposes comprehensive knowledge of your brand's capability to support your business and potential to win.


Brand Potential & Risk

  • Be aware of your opportunities to win more markets and how to achieve them.

  • Learn about corrective actions to keep your existing consumer base strong and growing.

Brand Strength & Competition

  • Find a winning recipe for a competition you can win.

  • Be safe from faulty conclusions and wrong-sized measures.

Price & Volume Premium

  • Find out which strategy is optimal for your growth and the brand image you are aiming for.

Combining our massive consumer and market data with your financial data creates the solid base for effective, streamlined decision-making and actions across your company processes.

The following Growth module turns these insights into a sustainable growth strategy.


Once you know the current state and potential of your brand, the Growth Module is designed to guide you on your growth journey and access your brand's monetary potential.

Portfolio and category match

  • What kind of portfolio optimizes turnover potential and minimizes the risk of loss.

Segment smartly

  • What are the most attractive growth segments to target for growth.

Differentiate and position yourself

  • Guided creation of differentiation strategy for the segment you aim to win.

  • Differentiation throughout the entire branding process.

With large, reliable, AI-enhanced data presented in an easily accessible platform, you can design and tune your strategy and lead your organization to push for a shared goal.

The following Daily module helps you turn your growth goals and plans into concrete actions.

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The effectiveness of your brand process depends on systematic implementation and the concrete actions taken. The Daily module focuses on activities that allow you to easily track the progress and change you are striving for.

No more loose investments or near misses. We want you to succeed in your business in an optimal and intelligent way.


Net Revenue Management

  • Concretize what are you selling, to whom and at what price

Sales & Marketing

  • Emphasize your marketing actions that leverage your differentiation for brand potential.

  • Succeed in your retail negotiations and leverage the brand potential to your distribution and joint benefits.

Consumer Journey

  • Improve your consumer experience and attachment in every touchpoint.

Growth and actions based on the Brand Intelligence Platform are intelligently designed to save you time and focus on impact.

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