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How Ravogen Benefits Your Business

Ravogen Brand Intelligence Platform enables you to generate more revenue and beat the competition in the long term, gain new market and hold on to existing customers, and implement data-based, streamlined management to turn every business function into a growth driver.

Read below about specific benefits for different business roles and functions:
Sales, Marketing, Brand Data Driven Leadership and Data Analytics


  • Access to the brand’s untapped potential to win market.

  • Learn the competitive strategy and tools to increase market share with a well-planned brand distribution with the right selection, sizing and pricing that match the brand's potential.

  • Attract retailers who want strong brands and brands with high consumer appeal.

  • Create an optimal brand-store-segment-price/volume premium offering and maximizing benefits for distributors

    • Optimize brand-level pricing according to price potential and relative to competition, i.e., indicate which brands have a higher consumer willingness to pay.

    • Product selection according to potential at the right price points for each distribution respectively

    • Prioritize which brands should be in campaigns and which not, to prevent the profit potential loss of strong brands and avoid the negative effect of campaign on consumers’ perceived price and subsequently on long-term perceived quality and willingness to pay.

    • Optimize campaign brands from the demand-supply point of view: provides insight into which customer segments buy campaign products and which are their preferred brands and therefore most suitable for price campaigns.

  • Gain insight into what kind of new consumers your brand has potential to draw into the retailer’s shop and the share of consumers that your customer is strategically interested in.


  • Sophisticated consumer analytics on money and business value.

  • Uplift your brand and marketing plans with money talk and business dialogue.

    • Share the same business language with your CEO, CFO and Sales.

  • Streamline your marketing budget and activities to capture the brand’s business potential to reach more revenue and mitigate the risk of losing revenue.

  • Strengthen the potential based brand image and marketing communication.

  • Know the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and its effect on brand strength and value, developing the brand’s strategic value and company equity in the long term.

Brand Data Driven Leadership

  • Insight into growing the brand's sales and increasing company value

  • Strategic alignment

  • Investments focused on the development of brand monetary value, increasing brand monetary value and equity value in the long term

  • Executive team's shared language for leading the brand's monetary impact on business

  • Drive top line growth through better utilization of your brand's potential

  • Drive bottom line profitability through systematic, more streamlined operation across all processes

  • Attract and keep the best talents who want to work for the strongest brands

  • Data- and fact-based leverage for a stronger negotiation position with distributors, retailers and other stakeholders


  • Increasing company value through increasing the monetary value of the brand

  • Systematically monitor the development of equity value

  • Protect your investment in the long term

  • Insight into the long-term growth potential and risks

Data Analytics

  • A ready-to-use platform

  • Pre-configured business analytics

  • Single source of truth - data is based on the most important aspects for sustainable business success: consumers and financials

  • A common language of brand value development shared with other business functions

  • Helps making and justifying impactful business suggestions

  • Continuously updating monitoring: keep an eye on key metrics and their direction

  • Platform scalability and option to add other data sources

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