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Our mission is to help companies to build profitable brands easily and cost-effectively

Ravogen was founded on simple idea: companies are losing revenue every day because they are not making the best use of the potential of their brands – and we have a solution that is simple, effective and reliable.

During our 20+ years in management consulting, we have noticed that most companies underperform and focus on the wrong things when it comes to the strategic management of intangible assets. No simple, scalable, viable solutions currently exist that would bring concrete benefits to companies to tackle this issue, so disruption is needed. We want to disrupt the market of data-driven, AI-enhanced strategic brand management.

We call our SaaS solution Brand Intelligence Platform and it’s designed to help you thrive by optimizing your brand's monetary impact on your business. We want to help you cultivate a stronger, more valuable brand and gain an upper hand over your competition in the long term.

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Ravogen reveals how everything your company does affects your brand and how your brand affect your financial performance

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About our solution

Ravogen Brand Intelligence Platform is a cost-effective data-driven solution for strategic brand management that gives significantly more benefits than traditional brand trackers, for a significantly lower price.

It is not a marketing tool. It is an intelligent, AI-enhanced platform used by CEOs, CMOs, Sales Directors and Data Analytics Leads for developing the entire company into a market winner. By combining massive “soft” market and consumer data with “hard” data from the company’s financial performance, Ravogen yields insights for better business decisions, leadership, talent management – in fact all aspects of business development.

Ravogen Brand Intelligence Platform is an easy-to-deploy, scalable and easy-to-use software solution that does not add “just another tool or process” but integrates seamlessly with your existing data analytics systems. We also make sure to offer you the necessary training and workshops to make the best use of the platform for the most profitable impact on your entire business.

Ravogen's background

We are an innovative SaaS company with a start-up spirit, yet decades of experience from management consulting, brand valuation and helping businesses thrive.


Our methodology has been developed and polished over the decades by experts from various fields, such as mathematics, business development, psychology, finance, artificial intelligence, software tech, but also by some of our close C-level clients.


The bases of our solution have been documented in ISO 10668 and ISO 20671 standards for Brand Valuation and Brand Evaluation, which we have been defining as part of an international collegium.

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Implement data-based, streamlined management to turn every business function into a growth driver.

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What is this thing called "brand"?

Research shows that, in brand-intensive markets such as most B2C markets, intangible assets account for 60 to 80% of the market share.

With our 20+ years history in brand and business strategy consulting, we have found that brands are generally managed ineffectively, without a direct link to company financials. The root cause is simply that, in most organizations, brands are viewed as a marketing tool rather than a strategic financial asset, separated from and unlinked to financial decision-making. Due to this, companies tend to make short-sighted decisions over their brands, often based on external one-time studies or consulting projects, the results of which are quickly diluted after the project.

Brand Intelligence Platform is a transformative solution for obtaining value per data and leveraging brand potential for the growth. We'll show you how to do this with our Brand Intelligence Platform.

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Lead your brand's monetary impact

With Ravogen's Brand Intelligence Platform, you are in the driver's seat of your brand's ability to win more market share and reduce the risk of losing revenue. Value builds in when systematic and consistent measures for strengthening the brand are taken across the organization. Ravogen helps you lead this process with constant tracking of your market and your performance through key KPIs, and the monetary actualization of your brand's potential.


You want your entire organization to push for a shared goal - sustainably profitable business. Ravogen shows you the where the goal is and signposts the most efficient, cost-effective way towards it, helping turn every process into a brand-builder. No more out/undersized investments, misaligned teams, wrangling over budgets, and not to mention isolated data sources.


As a platform-based solution, you enjoy a single source of truth and the ability to scale to any category or country - what's most important - cost-effectively.

If you want to learn more of leading your brand's monetary impact, drop us a message.

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